Hi, welcome to my simblr for TS2 related SS or CC.
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blissful-indigo replied to your post: Long time no see

Welcome back! The Sims 2 ultimate collection is available now too, if you haven’t heard.

Thank you!
Woa, The Sims 2 ultimate collection!! I don’t know that!
Thank you again, I’ll try that<3

Long time no see

Sorry for not posting for a long time :(
I’m busy with real life issue (especially my work… damn bad workaholic!) and my pc was windows XP…

Now, I bought new machine (still have less time for free time though), I’ll install TS2 and TS3 this weekend, so, well, can’t promise anything, I’ll post something here again!
Please wait a while <3

selenaq13 asked: Hi! If it's not too much trouble, would you please let me know where you found the 3t2 conversion of the corkboard in this picture? Thanks so much :) post/73039977929

I think that’s my conversion, I think someone already did though.
If you need I’ll upload it later :)

Family Farmhouse make over
haven&#8217;t played games for a while because of real life matterdarn workaholic!
ajaysims asked: Woah you do grunge well! Amazing pics =D

Thank You <3

grungifying &#8220;73 road to nowhere&#8221;
Quite busy these days, and can&#8217;t play games.If I have enough time to start up my PC, I wanna sleep&#8230;But, well, I have free time this weekend, so, started to make new neighbourhood, yay!(I&#8217;ll back to previous one later, I think)
Still making this lot